Lonely Parrots Love Video Chatting With Each Other, Study Finds

image via futurism.com
image via futurism.com

In an absolutely delightful new experiment, a team of scientists was able to show that once taught how, pet parrots can and will FaceTime their parrot friends. During a three-month experiment, the researchers taught a total of 18 pet birds how to "engage in video-calling other parrots" to see if such a system can improve their lives. And as it turns out, the parrots loved their new parrot-to-parrot video-calling system.


College Student Caught Submitting Paper Using ChatGPT

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“University administrators want to give individual faculty members the freedom to respond to ChatGPT in the way they see fit,” Aumann said. “Does this mean that there will be patchwork policies across different classes and departments at each university? Absolutely. But, in a sense, that’s just life in academia.”


Companies Are Deepfaking Celebs Into Ads Without Their Permission


Earlier this fall, Bruce Willis’s representatives shut down reports that the actor signed a deal to get deepfaked into future productions. A year before, a Russian telecom company deepfaked the action star into a TV commercial (with permission), and the Pandora’s box has been open ever since.

Now, the Wall Street Journal reports that agencies are injecting simulacra of A-listers including Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Elon Musk into ads. The most worrying part, according to the WSJ? None of the last three celebrities ever agreed to appear.