TikTok’s Answer to Security Concerns? Grant Oracle Full Source Code Access

image via pcmag.com
image via pcmag.com

According to TikTok, "many of the major components of Project Texas are already operational, and we will continue bringing more parts of the initiative online in the coming weeks and months." This comes amid continued scrutiny of the service by the US government, and an impending ban of the service in Montana (TikTok has sued to stop the latter).


Unity manager publicly states company is ‘out of touch’, is fired within three hours

image via pcgamer.com
image via pcgamer.com

"A Unity exec just shared that they rent a secondary [apartment] in [San Francisco] to make it easier to be in the office- maybe we should all just do this to make it easier to RTO [return to office]" Due tweeted on May 8. "This company has lost it. Completely out of touch."


Here’s why you have to deal with so many annoying webPs now

image via pcgamer.com
image via pcgamer.com

The magical(ly crappy) thing about webPs is that they seem to be simultaneously ubiquitous and also barely supported. Countless times I've tried to upload a webP to Twitter or PC Gamer's content management system only to have it rejected. Photoshop didn't officially support webP until February 2022.


Leave Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker’s grapes alone

(Image credit: Square Enix)

If you managed to get past the login queues(opens in new tab) for Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker and made your way through the main story, you might have stumbled upon some grapes. These grapes aren’t your typical grapes; truthfully, they’re more like crystal obelisks with the image of the spherical fruit plastered on each face. These grapes are low poly and proud.\

It wasn’t long after the new expansion’s launch that the grapes burst onto social media, with one user calling them, quite frankly, audacious(opens in new tab).

The hard-edged grapes are now famous, making their way into many memes on Reddit and Twitter. The low poly grapes can be anything: from the mother crystal in Final Fantasy 14’s grand story to the orbs worth pondering.