Can E3 Survive Without Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft? We May Find Out This Year

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As IGN reports(Opens in a new window), Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are all expected to give the first physical E3 event in four years a miss. That’s based on “multiple knowledgeable sources,” but all there companies have yet to officially confirm their decision not to attend.

Blizzard’s Final Attempt to Keep World of Warcraft Online in China Fails

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Blizzard announced back in November that it would stop selling the majority of its games in China and suspend game services on Jan. 23. It brings to an end a 14-year partnership with Chinese publisher NetEase, and will result in the very popular World of Warcraft MMO going offline for Chinese players.

SpaceX Signs Agreement to Prevent Starlink From Interfering With Astronomy

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The Starlink network currently includes 3,300+ orbiting satellites, which can reflect sunlight and interfere with astronomical observations and photo-bomb images of the night sky. So for months now, SpaceX has been in talks with scientists on minimizing Starlink’s impact on astronomy. The FCC also made it a requirement for SpaceX to reach an agreement with the NSF as a condition for approving a second-generation Starlink network.

The agreement says both SpaceX and the NSF will work together to reduce the brightness of satellites through physical design changes, their orientation in orbit, and other methods. Back in July, SpaceX debuted some of the design improvements, which include using new materials and colors on the satellites to cut down on the reflections.

Instagram to Drop Shopping Tab From Main Feed

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Starting next month, the social network plans to axe the Shop tab and move its Create shortcut front and center at the bottom of the screen.

The in-app shopping feature isn’t going anywhere, though. Folks will still be able(Opens in a new window) to set up and run a virtual store, and users can continue ordering products in Feed, Stories, Reels, and ads.

Gone But Not Forgotten (Yet): The Tech That Died in 2022

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It’s time for our annual look at the tech that died this year. Some services have been around for ages and we are just now saying farewell to the last vestiges of a once-great brand. Others went belly up in less than a month. Read on to see what the major companies—Amazon, Meta, and Google—kicked to the curb in 2022, as well as a month-by-month rundown of other products that ended up in the tech graveyard.

Canada Judge Authorizes Fortnite Addiction Lawsuit

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A Canadian Superior Court judge has authorized a lawsuit brought forward by three parents who say their children would not sleep, eat, or shower because they were addicted to playing Fortnite.

The parents allege the game was deliberately made to be highly addictive and that it has had a lasting effect on their children.