Your Next Lyft Journey Will Be Full of Ads

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Regular users of Lyft need to prepare themselves for a barrage of ads hitting the ride-hailing service's app this week. It's hard to believe someone would look at the Lyft app enough to make ads a viable money-making exercise. However, according to the company's chief business officer, Zach Greenberger, Lyft users check the app an average of nine times per ride. Combine that with detailed (anonymized) user data, and the potential for targeted advertising to generate additional revenue is there.

Meta’s ads being found unlawful in the EU is a warning to other ad-funded platforms

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“The EDPB binding decisions clarify that Meta unlawfully processed personal data for behavioural advertising. Such advertising is not necessary for the performance of an alleged contract with Facebook and Instagram users. These decisions may also have an important impact on other platforms that have behavioural ads at the centre of their business model,” said EDPB chair, Andrea Jelinek, in a statement.