Worldcoin to launch new Orb to make its eyeball scanning device look “more friendly”

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“The new orb is coming and the next iterations will look quite different,” Blania said during a fireside chat at a StrictlyVC event on Wednesday. He noted that he joined the company about four years ago and the Orb’s initial design predated his career at the company. Over the past seven days, more than 190,000 new accounts were created and about 3.13 million people total have signed up for Worldcoin, according to its website. “The thesis is very simple. We race toward billions of users as fast as we possibly can,” Blania said.

X removes support for NFT profile pictures

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On Tuesday, Elon Musk’s X wrote about a grand vision for the company in 2024, which includes launching peer-to-peer payments and more AI-powered tools. Amid all this, the company silently removed a feature for paid subscribers. They’re no longer able to set an NFT as a profile picture.

Binance, execs tell investors to ‘ask me anything’ following the fall of FTX – The Verge

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Both Binance and hosted live question-and-answer sessions on Monday morning in an attempt to reassure investors that the cryptocurrency exchanges won’t meet the same fate as FTX, which suffered a sudden and catastrophic collapse last week.

Cryptocurrency Investors Try to Turn Private Islands Into Blockchain Utopias

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For as long as cryptocurrencies have existed, libertarians have dreamed of using them to create communities, seasteads, and cities free from the prying eyes of the state and its tax collectors. We’ve seen crypto-inspired attempts to claim disputed lands as tax havens, use UFOs and fireworks to christen a new tax-free Bitcoin town, build cities with DAOs, and establish communities inside of U.S. colonies to avoid taxes. But there’s now a wave of attempts to buy entire islands and build the next crypto “paradise.” 

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