Farewell to 3G

While 3G will still exist in other countries for quite a few more years, Verizon’s deadline is pretty much the end of the line for it here in the US. The tech hasn’t gone gentle into that good night; carriers delayed their shutdowns several times, there were tiffs between Dish and T-Mobile, and you can’t just turn a network that had been around for years off without things starting to break.


Careless Errors in Hundreds of Apps Could Expose Troves of Data

These login credentials are often meant to give the app access to a single file or service, like a mechanism for an app to display public images from a company’s website or run text through a translation service at a user’s request. But in practice, the researchers found, these same credentials often grant access to all files stored in a cloud service, like company data, database backups, and system control components.