Self-Checkout Is a Failed Experiment

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You know how this process actually goes by now: You still have to wait in line. The checkout kiosks bleat and flash when you fail to set a purchase down in the right spot. Scanning those items is sometimes a crapshoot—wave a barcode too vigorously in front of an uncooperative machine, and suddenly you’ve scanned it two or three times.

Instagram to Drop Shopping Tab From Main Feed

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Starting next month, the social network plans to axe the Shop tab and move its Create shortcut front and center at the bottom of the screen.

The in-app shopping feature isn’t going anywhere, though. Folks will still be able(Opens in a new window) to set up and run a virtual store, and users can continue ordering products in Feed, Stories, Reels, and ads.

TikTok said to be launching live shopping in the US

“When it comes to market expansion for TikTok Shop we are always guided by demand and are constantly exploring new and different options for how we can best serve our Community, Creators and Merchants in markets around the world. These efforts include exploring partnerships that further support a seamless e-commerce experience for merchants, which is an important part of our ecosystem,” TikTok said in a statement to TechCrunch.