TikTok’s Answer to Security Concerns? Grant Oracle Full Source Code Access

image via pcmag.com
image via pcmag.com

According to TikTok, "many of the major components of Project Texas are already operational, and we will continue bringing more parts of the initiative online in the coming weeks and months." This comes amid continued scrutiny of the service by the US government, and an impending ban of the service in Montana (TikTok has sued to stop the latter).


TikTok Bulks Up Video-Editing Tools, Embraces Stories With ‘Photo Mode’

TikTok’s new suite of mobile editing tools (Credit: TikTok)

“The updates are available now to users in the US and “most regions globally,” the company said in a Thursday announcement. “Our new editing tools empower people to enjoy more creative freedom, share richer stories, and bring their content ideas to life across formats,” according to TikTok(Opens in a new window), which now lets creators stack, trim, and split videos, as well as edit audio, position text, adjust video speed, and embed sound effects.”


TikTok said to be launching live shopping in the US

“When it comes to market expansion for TikTok Shop we are always guided by demand and are constantly exploring new and different options for how we can best serve our Community, Creators and Merchants in markets around the world. These efforts include exploring partnerships that further support a seamless e-commerce experience for merchants, which is an important part of our ecosystem,” TikTok said in a statement to TechCrunch.