Zoom made employees return to the office to feel your hybrid pain

image via washingtonpost.com
image via washingtonpost.com

Zoom, which became a lifeline for remote workers during the pandemic, says it has a clear rationale for why it’s calling some workers back to the office twice a week: To build collaborative products for the new ways of working, employees need to experience the pain firsthand.


Zoom denies training AI on calls without consent

image via bbc.com
image via bbc.com

Zoom has updated its terms of service after a backlash over fears that it trained its artificial intelligence (AI) models on customer calls. Talking to the BBC, before the terms of service were updated, data protection specialist Robert Bateman said: "The terms appeared to give the service provider a lot of freedom to use data generated by its users for many different purposes." He said that while there was a question mark over the risks that could arise, "alarm bells should ring when you encounter broad contractual provisions like these".


Zoom Video Conferencing Is Coming to Tesla Vehicles

(Credit: Zoom)

Walia merely says “this will be available on all new Tesla models soon.” She also teased the integration will be designed to sync with the rest of your Zoom account.

“Soon, you’ll be able to hop over from your car, your desk, or wherever you are into a Zoom room, and seamlessly transfer your meetings, your whiteboard, your Zoom applications with you to the room,” Walia adds.