Electric scooter company Bird files for bankruptcy

image via techcrunch.com
image via techcrunch.com

In a press release today, Bird confirmed that it had entered into a “financial restructuring process aimed at strengthening its balance sheet,” with the company continuing to operate as normal in pursuit of “long-term, sustainable growth.” It’s also worth noting that Bird’s Canadian and European operations are not part of this bankruptcy filing, and will “continue to operate as normal,” the company said.


Stockholm Thinks It Can Have an Electric Bikeshare Program So Cheap It’s Practically Free


“I would say the general public is quite tired of the e-scooters lying around,” said Daniel Mohlin, Nordics Regional Manager for Inurba Mobility, the company that won the seven-year contract for the new bikeshare program. “The most common comment has been, finally, there’s something to replace the e-scooters.”