Google isn’t down: Malwarebytes antivirus app blocks for many

An issue with Malwarebytes is flagging and other domains incorrectly and blocking its users from accessing those domains. The issue appears to have hit widely as of 11am ET on September 21, and causes users to be unable to access, as well as receiving notifications for malware alerts. Other Google products, such as Gmail and YouTube, are also affected by this issue.

The cause of this error is not clear, but Malwarebytes has confirmed that it is looking into the “temporary issue” on Twitter.

Google has already published its version of the new 31 emojis

The search giant said that the new emojis will be available by the end of the year on Android and next year on other Google products. Along with the color version of the updated Noto font, the company has also published a revamped monochrome version of the font with new emojis. Google first launched monochrome emojis earlier this year as a nod to emojis on old feature phones.