Grimes says anyone can AI-generate her voice “without penalty”

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On Sunday night, Canadian musician Grimes tweeted that she would split 50 percent royalties on "any successful AI generated song" that uses her voice, reports The Verge. As an independent artist, Grimes says anyone can use her voice without penalty. "I have no label and no legal bindings," she says.

Shutterstock to Offer AI-Generated Art While Compensating Human Artists

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Shutterstock is well aware of the ethical concerns. In its announcement, the company said it plans on launching a fund to compensate artists who contributed to any AI art generation through the DALL-E 2 integration. This includes paying artists royalties when the AI-generated art they helped inspire is used.

The NFT Bay asks if you would steal all the JPEGs

In what may be one of the better pieces of performance art this year, Australian Geoffrey Huntley has created a website that promises to let you torrent an entire blockchain’s worth of NFTs. It’s called, appropriately, The NFT Bay, and it’s an almost exact replica of the famous pirating site (with an added cheeky DMCA takedown link). As a site, it seems to do what it says on the tin, but as a statement it could spark an interesting discussion around what it means if you claim ownership over something on the internet.