Google is shutting down Stadia

Google is refunding all Stadia purchases — hardware, software, and DLC. Members of the Stadia team will be “carrying this work forward” in other departments at Google.

… Stadia has been facing rumors of its demise practically from the start. Google has a habit of killing projects only a few years after they launch, and Stadia, a cloud gaming service from a company with few ties in the gaming industry, seemed like a prime candidate for an early demise.

Denuvo DRM issues may be cause of PC games going down this weekend

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy. Credit: Ediso-Montréal.

Many recently released PC games were unplayable over the weekend, and it looks as though it was because DRM company Denuvo had problems with its servers.

As reported by VGC, many recently released high-profile titles were unplayable on PC over the weekend, and those that use the digital rights management (DRM) software from Denuvo were being met with errors that rendered them unplayable, even if they were solely single-player titles.